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Cookie Table

Have Blissful Betty come to you and sell custom cookies, designed for your show or event. With no fees or deposits, it's a great no-risk income driver for your company. Enjoy a percentage of the profits without lifting a finger! Perfect for TYA shows, family musicals, dance recitals, and more!

(Blissful Betty products are NOT available for resale)


Custom Design

Cookie designs are specifically catered to your event, providing tasty eye candy for your audiences.


No-Risk Income Driver

Receive 10% of Blissful Betty sales! No initial fees or deposits required. (Percentage is taken after credit card fees)


We Bring Everything!

Blissful Betty is fully self-sufficient! No need to supply a table, payment method, or even Wifi.

(Provided cellular data is accessible inside the facility.)


How It Works

Ensure there is a place for Blissful Betty to set up a six foot table, and we do the rest! No need to assist with selling, set-up, or tear-down!


Financial Reports

At the end of each week, Blissful Betty will send 10% of the sales, followed by an email summary containing Square Sales Reports for financial confirmation.


Social Media

Enjoy free social media advertising as Blissful Betty shares cookie content on Facebook and Instagram promoting your show or event!

Request a Cookie Table

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